@switchingsocial@mastodon.at @JPEG be sure to do the same for Fedilab since the "anti-nazis" do the same: framapiaf.org/@fedilab/1024055

Or just don't be a Nazi apologist. Fedilab only brought it in themselves because they added it and then removed it. They could've stayed out of the whole conversion if they wanted to. But here they are, coddling.
@switchingsocial @JPEG

Because I got a lot of pressure coming from people that told me that my app will be banned. I blocked Gap and I wrote to Google. I didn't get a reply, after weeks so there was no reasons to keep it.
I fully support the work of Tusky devs but not the destroying one of their CM.
Because she is playing with this situation, by boosting horrible and defamatory toots concerning my work.


@fedilab They seem like a very toxic person. Insulting me and then blocking me. I guess it's only for the best I don't have to interact with them anymore. I have already muted that whole instance because this is not the first time someone from that instance has been calling me names. Maybe I'll make a pull request to add that instance to the blocklist in apps 🤷‍♂️

@fedilab Personally as a developer I'd be ashamed to have such a CM though. Instead of promoting the app they are actively working on destroying the great image the developers and the software have. Silly.

Tusky made its choice and respect it. IMO, I still think that it doesn't deserve bad ratings. People are free to use a forked app.
But I can't admit that their CM tries to destroy other works with false arguments.
"Fedilab blocked then removed,etc."
I just think, it's impossible to discuss with such persons. And the Tusky account should not be used for promoting personal feelings or such agressions toward other devs.

@fedilab everyone is free to write their application the way they see fit. It works both ways and while I understand wanting to voice your opinion on matters I agree with you that aggressions towards people have no place on the fediverse and are a very bad look for the software.

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